The multi media collaboration by artist Kgotlelelo Sekiti and designer and stylist Neo Serati is an exploration of the exploitation of the black body, while reclaiming and celebrating the endless possibilities of gender expression.

April 15, 2021

The Three Balloons is an extensive body of work that explores the generational and ongoing traumas of Black bodies, the everyday experiences of queer Black bodies and black bodies' ability to embrace the gift of life through celebration portrayed by a balloon. The work puts a spectacle on the exploitation of Black bodies in contemporary art spaces through the lens of white bodies for the white gaze and how that has shifted the way Black bodies have to express themselves through art in order to be palatable for contemporary art spaces.

Looking into how Blackness is now viewed as a commodity or rather a can of beans you can buy off the shelves, Black bodies are constantly erased by a world that bites off from them. "It’s a multimedia body of work that mainly focuses on reclaiming the spectacle in which me as a black body living in the contemporary would like to tell my own story, moving away from the way white lenses sensationalise Black bodies".

The collaboration celebrates [the] endless possibilities of gender expression in alternate universes which is essentially what The Balloons body of work does. 


Direction: Neo Serati & Kgotlelelo Sekiti

Video & Photography: Kgotlelelo Sekiti

Wardrobe & Styling: NAO SERATI & Siyababa Atelier

Models: Thabani & Tshepang

Words: Kgotleleo Sekiti

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