Cape Town-born producer Thor Rixon has been experimenting with lo-fi, funk, dream pop and some serious dance music burners for quite some time. Now based in Berlin, Thor continues to be the super producer and collaborator we love, with a growing list of collaborators that features some of our favourite independent acts including Alice Phoebe Lou, Mx Blouse and Roxy Caroline.

Today, Thor shared his new track and music video Why Don't You Love Me – his first release of 2020 coming out of Berlin/Cape Town based music collective Eko Worldwide.

July 17, 2020

A song about unreciprocated love – "pleading and begging for someone to love you, but we all know love doesn't work that way. Love is a two-way street, baby".

Why Don't You Love Me takes Rixon's creative output into an exciting, fresh sonic direction, mixing elements of 70's disco & funk together with crisp modern pop production. The song takes us to a place where we've all been before; in love with someone who doesn't love us back. A unique, groove-drenched track that somehow lifts the spirits while simultaneously grounding it right back down. As is life.

Concept & Cast: Kelly Jasper Makropoulos (Lover Buffet) & Thor Rixon

Cinematography: Luke Nelson

Editing: Matthew Reeler

Colour Grading: Strangelove Studios

Special Thanks: Sarah Zimmermann, Sean Ross, Johno Mellish, Matteo Viotti, The Nelson Family

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Words by Roger Sivuyile Lupuwana

Images & Copy courtesy of Eko Worldwide

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