Are we alone with everybody or is every body alone? A man is set apart from the world, writhing in the pangs of isolation. All around and all at once what surrounds him isn't as it appears. Director and independent photographer Anthony Bila shares The Isolationist.

June 22, 2020

Grappling with obscurity of being alone and being lonely, The Isolationist is an exploration of how, without anyone to tether us to reality, reality and fantasy - and perhaps even nightmare - blur for our subject.

What is the nature of consciousness when it blends and distorts with the subconscious mind? The narrative wades between the horror and harmony of solitude.

Another subtext explored is the state of mental health. "I have had the idea for this film borne in my mind for about three years now" says Anthony. "I have just never had the time to delve into the concepts and ideas until the world stood still 3 months ago. This presented me with a rare opportunity to bring the idea to life".

"Of course, living alone I was met with the seemingly insurmountable hurdle of producing the film alone, and as such the making of the film reflected the film itself in a truly "art imitating life" manner I could not have conceived originally.

Watch the film above or on Vimeo here.

Written & Directed by Rhulani Anthony Bila
Cinematography: Rhulani Anthony Bila

Artwork: Studio Bila
Editing: Rhulani Anthony Bila
Colouring: Rhulani Anthony Bila
Titles: Rhulani Anthony Bila
Set Design: Rhulani Anthony Bila
Sound Design: Rhulani Anthony Bila
Visual Effects:
Thomas Vanz
Caroline Shaw, Jessica Meyer and James Blake (FRNGE Sleeping Pill Edit)

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Text courtesy of Studio Bila.

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