Dispersion is the third full-length project from Parabyl, a blend of trapped-out electronica and future garage rhythms with dark, deep and melodic undertones.

January 24, 2020

Featuring vocals from local and international artists such as Tzara, Albany Lore, Vitu and Ohsolow, as well as remixes by Sorsari, and Rose Bonica; Dispersion is a mind bending journey - full of strange sounds, memories and emotions. Writing started at Red Bull Studios (Cape Town) in January (2019), and the idea slowly grew into a varied body of work with some very warm and contrastingly sober moments.

Dispersion deals with ideas of spreading fear, hatred, anguish - and overcoming those feelings to be met with a soothing sunrise of calm and safety. While each song has its digestible moments, they are mangled, revived as some sort of childhood memory remembered in a comforting nostalgic moment. It's a reassuring partner to rawness and letting your guard down.

Dispersion is varied listening material. There's a lot happening for the listener to digest, but that's a good indicator that Dispersion is pure, undiluted Parabyl.

Cover art by scumboy.pdf

Mastering by Jumping Black Slash.

Stream Dispersion here.

Parabyl is playing Now We Here at Botanik Social House this Sunday 26 January, alongside Cuito, Alice Phoebe Loe, Nalu, Cottonmouth, Laudable, Black2Back, Thor & Alice, and Mikey & Schema, tickets are R120 here.

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