When Deep Aztec and Rose Bonica met for the first time they knew they needed to collaborate on a new sound. They decided to fall in love before they went public with their magic – allowing their  music to grow organically. Deep Aztec's unforgettable basslines and melodies in combination with Rose Bonica's cacophonous drums and soft vocals has created the house music we have been waiting our whole lives for. Their debut EP The First Time feels like a voyeuristic insight into creative young love.

We chat to the duo about their new project, romance and making music.

September 2, 2020

"Ours is a groovy romance with music and lyrics" – they're a new musical project by Rose Bonica and Deep Aztec and they've already given us thee bops for the upcoming summer time. Their recently released debut EP The First Time – forms part of an exciting batch of fresh electronic music coming from Roses Are Red. We featured the single U Do U Boo on our new show Nothing Major and it's currently on repeat at HQ. Seriously, Cape Town is doing the most with electronic music right now. See our feature on BlaqKongos 38 Ways 38 Days.

When I call to talk to them, Rose and Aza, they tell me they’re in studio and I’m glad to know that their talent is being put to its best use because what we have heard so far is so compelling we had to find out where it came from. And the genesis of this is the stuff of music mythology. 

"These are the things we dream of as artists, making great work with a lover, and having a great story to go with it"

Rose Bonica, a producer, and thee matriarch of Roses Are Red Records met Deep Aztec, a prolific producer… at a music conference, she was admittedly defensive being the only woman at the conference. But what is a cute meet without a little conflict? The two became fast friends and the hours they spent jamming in the studio became Ours. Oh, and they fell in love. These are the things we dream of as artists, making great work with a lover and having a great story to go with it. The story of how they went from mates to maaates is too cute, and starts with a cuddle at an after party littered with Cape Town’s finest, and ends with Rose calling Aza after an event she hosted was a "total failure". She called him because, ‘he was the only person I wanted to talk to’. Her candour is effusive. And like a real partner he showed up and helped her pack up the event. They have been together ever since. 

When asked what is his favourite thing about music, Aza responds, "Music, composes me to be the person I want to be. So does my partner". The same question posed to Rose elicits three words I have come to know as gospel, ‘Music is Life’. And that is really all there is to it.

Listen to The First Time here.

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Artwork by Tyler Dale.

Words by Oratile Mashazi.

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