WANTS (WE.ARE.NOT.THE.SAME) is the new Cape Town-based streetwear brand by Crayons founder and designer Ra-ees Saiet. "WANTS is a celebration of the idea of using what you have at your disposal." shares Ra-ees.

The new collection "No Evil Eyes" features one-of-a-kind- hoodies, tees and custom Adidas Superstar sneakers.

September 16, 2020

Following their debut collection of tees, caps and hoodies, the new No Evil Eyes collection remains true to the brand's ethos – "celebrating the idea of using what you have at your disposal, rather than desiring better and making use of the things you can grasp and utilize in order to materialize ideas and dreams, even if it is fractionally so".

The collection borrows sentiment and symbolism from the Hamsa and al-ayn. A cross cultural symbol "which through the expansion of empires across history became the most prevalent symbols of protection against the malevolent gaze, an idea that someone elses envious glare or ill-wishes can bring one misfortune". A protection and reminder never to cast envious looks or covet the things and situations other are blessed with.

The custom adidas sneakers are the designer's take on the iconic Superstar silhouette, a glittering reminder of the brand's DIY aesthetic. Featuring rope laces, overlay branding, deconstruction of the 3 stripes, tear-away paint accents and even a glitter logo treatment.

Follow WANTS on Instagram to keep up with new drops on WANT Wednesdays or to make a purchase. NTWRK AREA3 will be giving away a pair of the custom adidas Superstar, follow them on Instagram to stand a chance to win.

Model: Dune Tilley

Text by Roger Sivuyile Lupuwana

Images and Text courtesy of WANTS.

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