Meet Them Two – an ambitious new Joburg-based styling duo with a gender bending aesthetic that presents us with new interpretations of partnership and coupledom. 

Leddi, has been working in fashion and media between Joburg, Cape Town and Amsterdam for some time now, collaborating with some of your favourite global fashion and lifestyle brands. And Mikhail, who's unassuming background as a newsroom producer led to modelling, and studying design at LISOF.

They are, most importantly, consistently, impeccably dressed. 

We spend a day with them on set and witnessed the ambition, inspiration and chaos necessary to make something new.

August 18, 2020

What brought this together guys? 

Mikhail: It was her, she approached me.

Leddi: I approached Mikhail with the idea to create a very style focused (Instagram) page. We both have pages that involve style but they also have lifestyle content which sometimes detracts from the thing we both care about the most – clothes! 

Why are you so well dressed?

Mikhail: I don’t know why it’s important to me. But I appreciate that you really put yourself forward with the clothes you wear. Your mood, your thoughts go into your outfit so it’s a very intimate look into a person actually... but I don’t know why I make myself uncomfortable with other people for the love of clothes. Like, my friends reeeeally aren’t feeling me right now, but I look great so…

Leddi: My style is influenced from the places I’ve lived; the hippies of Cape Town. Then Amsterdam which really got me into street culture. 

"Like, my friends reeeeally aren't feeling me right now, but I look great so..."

Suits, Shirt & Durag by House of Velour. Scarf is models own. Mules by Steve Madden. Sneakers are Nike at Shelflife. Chokers, Neckpiece & Rings are Iced by Savannah. Teardrop Necklace is Swarovski. Earrings are from H&M. Bracelet by Lovisa Jewellery. Mikhail wears Pants by Pretty Little Thing.

Do you have a uniform? 

Mikhail: I was having a conversation with Nima Nousse about this actually, she noted how Leddi just switches up. Led’s is a style chameleon. 

Leddi: It goes by moods and it always goes by my hair. If I have a wig, or length, even now I know that long hair makes me act up!

What’s The Vision? What do you see Them Two as?

Leddi: It’s a twist on coupledom; two friends that like the same thing very much, we push ourselves and invite the observer to engage in our process of disruption. 

Mikhail: We have our feet in both worlds. In the mainstream and the arthouse. I really like combining the two; bringing both people from both sides to appreciate the other. 

Leddi: Also a respect for the art form. That’s the reason we shoot it in studio, with a photographer. It is very deliberate because we want to take it seriously.  

"We push ourselves and invite the observer to engage in our process of disruption"

Naledi wears Hat by Crystal Birch. Both wear Vintage Leather Coats. Stockings are GUCCI. Bodysuit by Pretty Little Thing. Gloves are by Anita Makgetla. Leather Mask is RICH MNISI. Rings & Choker are Iced by Savannah. Neckpiece from Lovisa Jewellery. Mikhail's boots are Steve Madden. Pants from LifeWasNeverTheSame. Bracelets by Swarovski.

"We have feet in both worlds. In the mainstream. And in the arthouse..."

Mikhail, you’re in design school, how is that influencing your work?

Mikhail: Academia brings a refinement; you can explain things. And reference things. Obviously Leddi has been on Instagram, and has built a following. And with me in art school it’s also just a nice pool of resources and skills. 

So how do you do this?

Leddi: The process is not defined, we can either be inspired by a garment and then work around it or we can come up with a concept and find garments that will tailor to that look. 

Mikhail: With a lot of help from our friends and peers, shout out to Shelflife, DipStreet, House of Velour, Iced by Savannah and Jozi Vintage Plug

Leddi: We’re also not willing to let up. If something does’t work out it’ll never be because we didn’t try. It’ll be because someone didn’t reply, or rejected us. 

Finally, beauty or brains?

Mikhail: They’re definitely both very important. 

Leddi: Definitely brains. 

Booooo, boring.

Mikhail wears Beanie by Skate Society Soweto. Jacket is ACG by Nike at Shelflife. Jewellery is Iced By Savannah. Skirt is ZARA. Socks are Nike and Sneakers are Reebok at Shelflife. Naledi wears RETROSUPERFUTURE Sunglasses, Carhartt Long Sleeve Tee all from Shelflife. Tracksuit Top from Champion. Earrings, Ring & Neckpiece is Iced by Savannah. Dress by Collision Studios. Socks are ASOS. Sneakers are PUMA. Blazer is thrifted.

Check out some of the looks from previous shoots below.

Styling & Direction: Them Two

Models: Naledi Radebe & Mikhail Brown.

MUA: Sydney Davy.

Production Assistant: Oratile Mashazi, Roger Sivuyile Lupuwana.

BTS: Roger Sivuyile Lupuwana.

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Words by Oratile Mashazi.

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