The 12-track LP features appearances from some of the best upcoming talent from the city including from Xenlaii, Naye Ayla and Smanga OG amongst others.

September 28, 2020

EXILE is a coming-of-age musical project exploring themes of loss, pain, and joy - the expected self introspection themes from a 23-year-old rapper trying to find himself after long, tough journeys of suffering and adversity.

What sets EXILE apart is the tangible work ethic and how free-flowing rap meets influences from soul vocals, trap beats and and even UK drill into a well-finessed, rounded project that takes local underground rap to new levels by sharing a truly compelling story.

It's also serves as small reminder of how even the most promising, young talent across any genres are still grossly underrepresented in SA mainstream culture. If this debut LP offering is anything to go by, Nele is definitely going to be one for them to keep an eye on.

Stream EXILE here.

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Words by Roger Sivuyile Lupuwana.

Images by Kagiso Lebethe.

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