For the most last minute collaboration ever, we had a pretty decent Halloween party.

November 8, 2019

The annual "7B Halloween Party" has rebranded and grown up to be a sexy young thing real fast. What started off as a modest house party on the penthouse floor of The Newtown four years ago, has taken up a new home at our favourite house of debauchery - The Tennis Club (where else?) and is by far one of the best the city has on offer

Hosted by #FOMOFRIDAYS: a weekly update of the finest cultural, entertainment and dining offerings in Joburg, curated by one of our best likers of things - Ayabonga Ngoma, we join in for a last minute pseudo-collab and got city kids to leave their overpriced streetwear at home and dress up.

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Black & white Photography by Anthony Bila.

Colour Photography by Nino Ayanda.

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