To pay homage to the passion involved in making art, Boredom Studios released a new tee and lookbook. We catch a quick chat with founder - Shakes to chat art, jol and the inspiration behind "The Paintbrush Tee".

Okay... first, apart from mad jols and thrift parties, tell me more about what Boredom Studios does.

Boredom Studios is essentially an extension of what Born Out of Boredom was doing, but with Born Out of Boredom I always started with designing merch and then push the parties etc. So when I rebranded to Boredom Studios I did things the other way around. Instead of designing merchandise first, I pushed the jols and only recently, thrift parties so that I could be familiar with Joburg at face value before trying to showcase design.

With the the overall design, is there any significance behind the paintbrush?

I'm a visual artist and my artistic passion grew from learning how to paint, but my life choices have led to not making as much paintings as I'd like. I also found it a lot harder to sell physical paintings as opposed to selling t-shirts or hoodies. Starting a brand has shown me there are endless ways to making art, but for me it started with a paintbrush, and I guess with the paintbrush I'm just paying homage to a passion that I don't exercise as much as I used to.

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Why do you think it's that much harder to sell paintings?

Making the actual art is the least of your problems — first, one needs to have an exhibition and treat it how a recording artist would treat an EP or album launch; so booking a gallery or appropriate venue, curating the space, as well as generating enough publicity around it. I just don't have enough capital to present my paintings in a way that will be of a standard that I can be proud of. T-shirts and merch don't need as much capital and therefore I'm able to make a bit of noise and spend some cash on advertising and promoting the product to generate some sales.

Lastly, let's talk about the lookbook. I'm seeing bits and pieces from Alex and Braam...

Besides picking up Tamara in Braam, we shot everything in Alex. The first time I went to Alexandra was to visit a friend of mine that produces music (Suupzulu) I wanted him to play at my birthday party. Long story short, we became friends and I had ideas of hosting a party in Alexandra, but I knew those ideas would take a while to bring to fruition, so I decided to do a shoot there instead, and then a later stage plan the party shandis.

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Where can we get your tees?

Through me, I take orders directly via DM.

Order the Boredom Studios' Paintbrush Tee via their Instagram here.

Photography by Luke Ncube.

Model: Tamara Moeng.

Words by Roger Sivuyile Lupuwana.